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For the past five years with the support of the World Class University (WCU) Project (Phase I), the Department of Nanobiomedical Science, Dankook University has successfully developed global research and education program. 14 faculty members, 17 research fellows, and approximately 100 graduate students are actively involved in global multidisciplinary research in nanobiomedical science. The department holds 5,000-sq. meter state-of-the-art research facility including research laboratories, centralized equipment center, and specific pathogen-free animal facility. Currently, 16 distinguished foreign scholars from 9 world-renowned institutes participated in international joint research of the department. Department of Nanobiomedical Science is the most successful example of global collaboration for multidisciplinary research in nanobiomedical science.
Department is eager to continue the success to become one of the leading groups in the field. This will be
accomplished by extending our ongoing research and education program with strong support and active involvement of global collaborators. Our research team is divided to three subgroups according to investigator's expertise and research
interest. These subgroups consist of nanotechnology (NT), biotechnology (BT), and medical technology (MT). For the past three years, following team members who will participating in the BK21 Plus Project have published 65 peer-reviewed papers per year (avg. 5.9 papers/person/year; sum impact factor = 19.4/person/year), including three papers in Nature
(2010, 2013) and one in Nature Biotechnology (2010)
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