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With increasing needs to develop advanced biomedical technology, the convergence of different fields of science
and technology becomes indispensable. For the past five years, with the support of World Class University (WCU) Project (Phase I), the Department of Nanobiomedical Science, Dankook University (DKU) has successfully established global multidisciplinary research and education.
Now for the next seven years (Phase II), the department will continue its effort to stay in global competitiveness in emerging area of nanobiomedical science for regenerative medicine. The department envisages further achieveme-
-nt in training future global leaders and conducting leading edge research in nanotechnology and biomedical science.
Our goal of BK21 Plus Project is to make the department one of the most prestigious groups in education and
research this field. Through this project the department will train over 150 doctoral and 120 master's students to globally contribute to the advance of research in regenerative medicine. To achieve this goal, sixteen distinguished foreign
scholars from internationally renowned institutions are to be actively involved in the department's education and research
program. This international exchange and collaboration program will offer global joint degree to many of graduate
students in the department. Regional contribution is also an important aim of the project. Since DKU is geographically
surrounded by many national biomedical research institutes and leading manufacturers of biomedical products, the
department will support local industry by close collaboration through exchange of technology and human resources
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