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18 Trichostatin A epigenetically increases calpastatin expression and inhibits calpain activity and calcium-induced SH-SY5Y neuronal cell toxicity Jungwon Seo/Sangmee Ahn Jo/Soojin Hwang/Catherine Jeonghae Byun/Hyeon-Ju Lee/Du-Hyong Cho/Dueon Kim/Young Ho Koh/Inho Jo FEBS Journal
17 Reprogramming to pluripotency through a somatic stem cell intermediate Adele G. Marthaler/Ulf Tiemann/Marcos J. Araúzo-Bravo/Guangming Wu/Holm Zaehres/Jung Keun Hyun/Dong Wook Han/Hans R. Schöler PloS one
16 Rat defect models for bone grafts and tissue engineered bone constructs Joong-Hyun Kim/Hae-Won Kim Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
15 Inorganic nanobiomaterial drug carriers for medicine Rajendra K. Singh/Hae-Won Kim Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
14 Impact of heparin-binding domain of recombinant human osteocalcin-fibronectinIII9-14 on the osteoblastic cell response Ye-Rang Yun/Hae-Won Kim/Jun-Hyeog Jang Biotechnology Letters
13 Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A2/B1 regulates the self-renewal and pluripotency of human embryonic stem cells via the control of the G1/S transition Hong Seo Choi/Hyun Min Lee/Young-Joo Jang/Cheorl-Ho Kim/Chun Jeih Ryu Stem Cells
12 Collagen hydrogels incorporated wtih surface-aminated mesoporous nanobioactive glass: improvement of physicochemical stability and mechanical properties effective for hard tissue engineering Ahmed El-Fiqi/Jae Ho Lee/Eun-Jung Lee/Hae-Won Kim Acta Biomaterialia
11 Collagen gel combined with mesoporous nanoparticles loading growth factor as a feasible therapeutic three-dimensional depot for neural tissue engineering Jae Ho Lee/Jeong-Hui Park,/Mohamed Eltohamy/Roman Perez/Eun-Jung Lee/Hae-Won Kim/ RSC Advances
10 Acceleration of peripheral nerve regeneration through asymmetrically porous nerve guide conduit applied with biological/physical stimulation Jin Rae Kim/Se Heang Oh/Gu Birm Kwon/Kyu Sang Song/Byeong Hwa Jeon/Jin Ho Lee Tissue Engineering Part A
9 Sprayable powder of hyaluronate embedded in mildly cross-linked alginate as a post-surgical tissue adhesion barrier Se Heang Oh/Seung Yeon Na/Kyu Sang Song/Jin Ho Lee Macromolecular Research
8 Highly efficient "theranostics" system based on surface-modified gold nanocarriers for imaging and photodynamic therapy of cancer Linlin Zhao/Tae-Hyun Kim/Jin-Chul Ahn/Hae-Won Kim/So Yeon Kim Journal of Materials Chemistry B
7 Gene delivery techniques for adult stem cell-based regenerative therapy Seog-Jin Seo​/Tae-Hyun Kim​/Seong-Jun Choi​‌/Jeong-Hui Park/Ivan B Wall​/Hae-Won Kim Nanomedicine
6 Silk fibroin-polyurethane blends: Physical properties and effect of silk fibroin content on viscoelasticity, biocompatibility and myoblast differentiation Hyung-seok Park/Hyung-seok Park/Jeong-Hui Park/Sung-il Moon/Ivan B. Wall/Hae-Won Kim/Jae Ho Lee/Jonathan C. Knowles Acta Biomaterialia
5 Phosphorylations of Sds23/Psp1/Moc1 by stress-activated kinase and cAMP-dependent kinase are essential for regulating cell viability in prolonged stationary phase Young-Joo Jang/Misun Won/Hyang-Sook Yoo Yeast
4 Meeting report: Frontiers in genetics: Genomics and epigenomics Kyudong Han/Chul Geun Kim/Nam-Soo Kim Genes & Genomics
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